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Saturday - February 22, 2020

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Obama: Birth control policy meets everyone’s needs

Via the Boston Globe, President Obama claims to have developed a compromise on the new HHS contraceptive regulations which conflict with religious liberty.

Capping weeks of growing controversy, Obama announced he was backing off a newly announced requirement for religious employers to provide free birth control coverage even if it runs counter to their religious beliefs. Instead, workers at such institutions will be able to get free contraception directly from health insurance companies.

So, in other words, organizations won’t be forced to buy insurance policies that include coverage of things they object to on moral grounds, those same organizations will “instead” be required to purchase policies that include coverage of things they object to on moral grounds.

Yeah, that’s completely different! Seriously, who’s going to buy this ridiculous line? There’s no difference, it’s pure semantics from the “Just Words” President. Employees will only “be able to get free contraception directly from a health insurance company” if their employer is paying for health insurance coverage from that health insurance company.

Companies that buy policies from insurance companies aren’t buying pieces of a policy, they’re buying a whole package of coverage. The package either includes contraceptives or it doesn’t. Using some accounting gimmick that says it’s “free” changes nothing.

obama - words are cheap

posted by: The Editors @ 10:59 am February 10, 2012

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