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Friday - February 21, 2020

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AP: McCain has a temper, unlike Hillary?

From the AP, in a “news” piece on Senator John McCain’s temper:

He often pokes fun at his reputation: “Thanks for the question, you little jerk,” he said last year to a New Hampshire high school student wondering if McCain, at 71, was too old to be president.

Other times, his ire is all too real. This has prompted questions about whether his temperament is suited to the office of commander-in-chief or whether it might handicap him in a presidential campaign against either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton, who are not known for such outbursts.

[emphasis added]

From a piece in the Seattle Times on Hillary Clinton in 2005:

In 1993, White House aide Rahm Emanuel — now a Democratic House member from Illinois — planned an event inviting prominent Republicans to a White House dinner as a way of garnering support for the North American Free Trade Agreement. He assumed he would win praise for a clever tactical maneuver. Instead, the first lady was infuriated. “What are you doing inviting these people in my home?” she said, according to people familiar with the episode. Nearly sobbing with anger, she told him: “These people are our enemies. They are trying to destroy us.”

It was on health care that her early instincts to regard compromise as weakness had the most consequential effect. By the middle of 1994, it had become apparent to most of the White House political team that what the president had announced as his non-negotiable goal — health insurance for every citizen — was unattainable. He was eager to signal a willingness to settle on a lesser but still considerable target — 95 percent of the population covered. But she argued that anything less than 100 percent coverage would not represent an intellectually coherent solution to the problem.

One day in July 1994, the president was in Massachusetts when he slipped off message and announced that he would consider 95 percent coverage a victory. Hillary Clinton was at the White House when she got word of her husband’s statement, and soon she was on the phone with him. “What the (expletive) are you doing up there?” she demanded, according to an aide who overheard the conversation. “You get back here right away.” The next day, Clinton retracted his statement.

[emphasis added]

The Democrats today are the party of anger and rage, almost daily calling President Bush and members of his party criminals, Nazis, unpatriotic, racists, etc. And unlike McCain’s allegedly using the occasional expletive in private meetings with fellow senators, those on the left tend to unleash all of their bile and vulgarity very publicly. They have no room to criticize on this score.

posted by: The Editors @ 11:59 am February 16, 2008


  1. Except Obama. He’s not like that at all. And McCain is. So we’ll see whether temper and nastiness or grace and finesse win out.

    Comment by connie — February 16, 2008 @ 12:25 pm February 16, 2008

  2. “Except Obama. He’s not like that at all.”

    How do you know?

    We’ll see whether Obama’s gaseous happy-talk about change and unity, contrasted with his left-wing orthodoxy on the issues, wins out.

    Comment by The Editors — February 16, 2008 @ 2:19 pm February 16, 2008

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