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Democratic debate live

Bold predictions:

1) John Edwards will tell us his father used to work at a mill.

2) The Democrats will play the race card a lot, even by Democrat standards.

3) Almost every problem on Earth will be blamed on the Bush Administration.

4) All candidates will claim what we need is “change”.

Play-by-play —

They start off competing for who can give away more tax money for “economic stimulus”. (Shortly, they’ll complain the government doesn’t have enough money for X, Y, or Z.)

Obama steals Edwards’ line about his dad working at the mill.

Hillary: making Bush tax cuts permanent, i.e. not raising taxes, is a “real risk.”

Note: the phrase “green collar jobs” is already annoying.

About ten minutes in, there’s John and his dad at the mill!

Obama hits Hillary hard on recent statements by Bill and her campaign misrepresenting his statements.

Hillary claims Obama praised Republican policies over the last 10-15 years – fighting words for Democrats!

Edwards: Soak the rich to pay for Social Security.

Question: are lenders racists?

Edwards: Lenders “target” low income families. They are “predators”.

Hillary: a five year price freeze on mortgages will have no effect on the real estate market? (Why doesn’t the federal government simply dictate that gasoline will cost $1.50 a gallon for the next five years? If price fixing works with no ill effects, why not?)

Obama incoherent: We need to end “predatory lending” but give people more access to capital. Apparently money does grow on trees!

Obama takes another shot at Hillary – we need to be able to trust what our leaders say.

Hillary to Obama: “You never take responsibility for any vote.” (Boos follow) Hits him for all his “present’ votes.

Obama responds: When you take one of 4000 votes, present it in the worst possible light, that has to be answered. Clinton criticisms “not factually accurate”.

Edwards is fighting all the way to simply be noticed.

Edwards hits Obama for voting “present” over 100 times. “What you’re accusing Hillary of, you’ve done to us”.

Hillary: “My health care plan will cover everyone.” “Shared responsibility” sounds a bit like a line from Mussolini.

They promise more affordable health care, while offering nothing to indicate how they would lower any costs, rather than just shifting them to taxpayers.

A long argument about who’s more authoritarian on forcing people to buy health insurance.

Question: Battlefield commanders in Iraq reporting real progress, military and political. Are you trying to end the war, or win it?

Hillary: End it. There is no military solution. (regurgitating talking point, ignoring evidence of real change)

There you have it, victory is not on the table.

Edwards: I’ll retreat faster than anyone.

Obama: I want to surrender and retreat “safely.” We could give away high speed Internet with the money we’d save by abandoning Iraq. What morally idiotic priorities.

The Democrats sure do have a negative view of America, full of predators, victims, and misery. It’s like Charles Dickens or Dostoevsky wrote their campaign material. “More universal, taxpayer funded porridge, please.”

Question: Is the race of candidates a valid consideration for voters?

Edwards goes off on his poverty riff. Someone should tell him most blacks in America aren’t in poverty, and he should stop stereotyping.

Hillary continues the anti-poverty theme.

Obama: I started my career after college working in the projects. People of all races want “change.”

Edwards: Goes out on a limb and says poor mothers shouldn’t lose their children.

Question: Was Bill Clinton “the first black president”?

Obama jokes, “I’d have to investigate his dancing abilities before I could judge whether he’s really a brother.”

Hillary: What better way to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King than to look at the gender and skin color of the people on teh stage tonight.

That seems to directly contradict King’s legacy. The candidates should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

Obama: The quest for equality is a concern for all Americans, not just African-Americans. Good.

Hillary trots out the fallacious “women make 77% of the pay men do” line. Democrats really are stuck in the 1960s.

Obama hits again on Bill Clinton misrepresenting his record, while saying he doesn’t want to go through that again. Cheap shots the president and vice president.

Edwards: Who will be able to compete with John McCain all over America? (Remember back in 2004 when the Democrats thought it was important for a candidate to be a war veteran?)

Obama: “…Believes deeply in the precepts of Jesus Christ.”

Remember the kerfuffle from the left when George W. Bush mentioned Jesus in a debate in 2000?

Edwards: Brings up McCain again. Dangerous to send someone against McCain who has taken money from lobbyists.

Obama goes after Hillary’s claim to be “ready on day one” to deal with national security. Hits her for voting for the war in Iraq. “I wouldn’t hesitate to strike anyone who threatened American security.” Spouts some cliches about “rebuilding our alliances and reputation in the world.”

Question: If he were alive, why should MLK endorse you?

Edwards: I’m against poverty, for more people voting.

Obama: I don’t think Dr. King would endorse any of us, he would hold us accountable.

Hillary: Change comes from the efforts of the American people. Drops some names. There was a meeting of morality and politics, political leaders finally responded. I intend to make his legacy real.

Debate mercifully ends.

Here’s Michelle Malkin’s blow-by-blow description of the debate.
Politico has a partial transcript

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