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Wednesday - June 3, 2020

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Gitmo/”gulag” roundup

A few good articles on Gitmo, prisoner “abuse”, gulags, etc.:

Rich Lowry – Close Gitmo?

The close-Gitmo crowd says Gitmo has bad p.r. “It’s become an icon for bad stories,” says [Senator Mel] Martinez. Of course it has – because people lie about it. Amnesty International calls it a “gulag.” The foreign press makes up lurid tales about it. Newsweek falsely reports that Gitmo guards flushed a Koran down a toilet. Martinez himself would be an icon for bad stories if international organizations and the press spread falsehoods about him.

David Limbaugh – The left’s war for international affection

There is no small amount of irony in the fact that the people who are doing their level best to make sure the news is dominated by stories portraying America as imperialistic and inhumane are the same ones warning that we dare not permit our image to deteriorate.

Ned Rice – Amnesty Irrational

No, the real goal of these Bush haters is to delegitimize this war and this scandal is just another weapon in their feeble arsenal. They would have you believe that it was morally wrong – impeachable, even – to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps trigger the democratization of an entire subcontinent because some terrorist prisoners may have been improperly (and unjustly – don’t get me wrong) treated during the chaos of a shooting war. Which is a bit like saying the United States was on the wrong side of World War II simply because Allied soldiers sometimes roughed up German POWs during questioning, or shot Japanese troops deep behind enemy lines because they had no means of securely detaining them (both of which happened). With this new report and its gratuitous use of the term “gulag,” Amnesty International has joined that shameful chorus who would reflexively condemn any initiative, even one to liberate an entire region of the world, rather than give George W. Bush credit for doing something good. As anyone familiar with history and warfare knows, Amnesty International’s characterization of the U.S. prisons as being a “the gulag of our time” are more than just obscene. They are, as President Bush recently noted, absurd.

All this, and more, linked over on the home page. Have a look.

Our take on closing Gitmo, with a blogger roundup, is here.

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