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Saturday - February 22, 2020

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Closing Gitmo a terrible idea

In our opinion all this talk about closing the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba sends exactly the wrong message. In the eyes of the world, it would basically signal an admission that the critics were right about the facility. “See? They admit it was a gulag that needed to be closed!” Those who want to see Gitmo closed are not people who have America’s best interests in the war on terror in mind.

We can seek to please Amnesty International, the French, and ACLU, or we can defeat the radical Islamists who want to kill us all. The right choice seems obvious.

Michelle Malkin has a post with similar conclusions, along with a collection of links to other conservative blogs that addresed the issue.

Ed at Captain’s Quarters says, “The Gitmo hysteria has gone on long enough. Someone throw cold water on Hagel and take him out to Lower Manhattan to remind him what we’re trying to prevent.”

INDC Journal has a graphic you need to see.

Patrick Ruffini thinks being tough is also good politically:

Here’s the Guantanamo narrative, and then tell me who it favors: Camp X-Ray is about detaining terrorists who want to kill Americans — the al Qaeda kind of terrorists, the September 11th kind of terrorists, the comrades of Atta. Some on the left would like to dismantle Camp X-Ray over some perceived injustices. The injustices? Placing the Koran on top of a television set. (Pity the poor little terrorists.) And what do they propose we do with the friends of Atta? They won’t say. Have we forgotten that we are at war with these people?

Dirty Harry at Jackson’s Junction:

This talk about closing Gitmo is an extraordinary P.R. victory for the terrorists and their allies on the left. Any serious talk of closing the prison is a tacit agreement that the lies about abuse are true. For why else would we close it?

posted by: The Editors @ 4:49 pm June 13, 2005

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  1. High Court Rejects Enemy Combatant Appeal

    However, the screaming and crying from all over the blogosphere is more than I can bear. Read carefully folks. I’ll put this in big bold blue letters so that you can’t miss it. If it doesn’t sink in, that will be your problem, not mine nor that of T…

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