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Saturday - February 22, 2020

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Do liberals “support our troops”?

Michelle Malkin notes some interesting poll results, showing increasing confidence by the American people in the police, the military, and religious institutions. Apparently some on the left think confidence in those institutions is a bad thing. Malkin passes along this gem from some lefty blog:

“If you couple rising confidence in the police and the military with declining confidence in the criminal justice system, elected institutions and the news media, you have the makings of a populace that would be comfortable with a police state.”

Not only does this quote display the anti-military, anti-law-and-order mindset prevalent on the left today (if you truly “support our troops”, then you cannot find confidence in the military to be a bad thing.)

But look at the abject idiocy of that comment – does the writer believe people in real police states have a high level of confidence in their police forces? Did the average citizen in Iraq during the Hussein regime have a high level of confidence in Saddam’s police? Did the average citizen of the Soviet Union have a high level of confidence in the Soviet police? How about Cubans? Do they have confidence in Fidel’s policia? The idea is totally absurd.

The person quoted by Malkin clearly has no idea what makes a police state. Hint: it does not mean a state with a lot of police, or a lot of laws, or a populace with confidence in their police forces. It does not mean “a place where liberals lose elections.”

Incidentally, the person Malkin quoted also said:

…the growing national comfort with authoritarian and totalitarian measures cannot be ignored.

Again, the idea that confidence in the military and police equals comfort with authoritarianism is asininity on stilts. But if anyone in America has “comfort with authoritarian measures,” it is more likely to be a person of the left. Who gave us campus speech codes, and mandatory “multicultural sensitivity training” at work? Who wants to ban guns? Who wants to force the Boy Scouts to accept gay Scoutmasters? Who wants to ban all public display of America’s religious heritage? Who wants to erase the tiny cross from the county seal of Los Angeles? Who wants to tear down the war memorial on Mt. Soledad in San Diego? Today, all that is coming from the left.

Junkyardblog, Mudville Gazette, and Right Wing News have more.

posted by: The Editors @ 2:24 pm June 2, 2005

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  1. “… you have the makings of a populace that would be comfortable with a police state.”

    Really. How could a populace ever be ‘comfortable’ with a police state?

    And what “authoritarian and totalitarian measures” is the person talking about? I always wonder if the people that write this kind of tripe even know what the words they bandy about really mean.

    Comment by Don Miguel — June 2, 2005 @ 9:23 pm June 2, 2005

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