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Sunday - January 17, 2021

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Bolton Roundup

Rich Lowry shares some Bolton related emails here.

…and a positive quote from Richard Armitage here.

…and an article on The Bolton Dirtfest

Whatever else you think of him, John Bolton is a serious person. Democrats could have acted on their disagreements with President Bush’s pick to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations by making Bolton’s confirmation battle a discussion of, among other things, his well-formed views on enforcement of the Biological Weapons Convention, or the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, or the International Criminal Court. Instead, they have gone after him with innuendo and misrepresentations.


Via Beltway Buzz:

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger writes in Sunday’s Washington Post on the Bolton controversy:

“The real reasons Bolton’s opponents want to derail his nomination are his oft-repeated criticism of the United Nations and other international organizations, his rejection of the arguments of those who ignore or excuse the inexcusable (i.e., the election of Sudan to the U.N. Human Rights Commission) and his willingness to express himself with the bark off. As to the charge that Bolton has been tough on subordinates, I can say only that in more than a decade of association with him in the State Department I never saw or heard anything to support such a charge. Nor do I see anything wrong with challenging intelligence analysts on their findings. They can, as recent history demonstrates, make mistakes. And they must be prepared to defend their findings under intense questioning.”


William Kristol in The Weekly Standard discusses The Borking of Bolton


David Limbaugh excerpts his latest column at his blog:

If Democrats weren’t afraid to admit the real reasons they are obstructing the nomination of John Bolton to be our next United Nations ambassador, they wouldn’t be interposing such embarrassingly lame objections as “John Bolton once yelled at an insubordinate subordinate.”

But they are afraid, because their true objections have nothing to do with Bolton’s temperament or even his temper, other than that it has sometimes been directed at wimps advocating the wimpish policies liberals adore.


John Hinderaker at Powerline has a detailed expose of another of Bolton’s “non-partisan” critics, “John Bolton and His Enemies“.


Little Green Footballs reports that one of Bolton’s accusers, Melody Townsel of the non-partisan “Mothers Opposing Bush”, has some problems of her own and has turned to the Kos-Kooks for support.

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