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Sunday - March 18, 2018

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Joe Scarborough’s catty attack on Sarah Palin

“Palin is not a stupid woman”.

We agree. and we wish we could give the same benefit of the doubt to Keith Olberman’s first warm-up act and token “conservative” at the far left cable outfit MSNBC, Joe Scarborough.

But, based on his latest screed posted at, we unfortunately cannot come to that conclusion. Maybe his post isn’t a result of stupidity. Maybe his gross hypocrisy and complete lack of self-awareness are caused by something else. We just can’t eliminate the possibility.

And now a point of personal privilege. I work hard every day to assume the best of Americans who engage in public service. But I am offended by Palin’s attempt to build herself up by tearing down great men like Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Palin is not a stupid woman. But like the current president, she still does not know what she does not know. And she does know how to make millions of dollars, even if she embarrasses herself while doing it.

That reality hardly makes Palin unique, but this is one Republican who would prefer that the former half-term governor promote her reality shows and hawk her books without demeaning the reputations of Presidents Reagan and Bush. These great men dedicated their lives to public service and are too good to be fodder for her gaudy circus sideshow.

See? According to Scarborough, you demonstrate your “work … every day to assume the best of Americans who engage in public service” and your objection to demeaning the reputations of others, by demeaning Mrs. Palin, spending an entire column hurling puerile, schoolgirl insults at a woman because you don’t want her to run for president.

UPDATE: Apparently, according to the Puffington Host, the irony-challenged former congressman is going to help launch a new “civility group” next month:

TV’s Joe Scarborough, who today dismissed Sarah Palin as a symbol of “anti-intellectualism” with a “dopey dream” of being president, will help headline the launch next month of a new national group dedicated to restoring civility in politics.

Scarborough, a Republican, former Florida congressman and host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, will participate in the debut event of “No Labels” on December 13 at Columbia University in New York.

“No Labels”, eh Joe? You better re-edit that column then.

posted by: The Editors @ 11:52 am November 30, 2010

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