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Wednesday - October 18, 2017

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CA Judge: unfair to expect 12th grade students to know 8th grade math

Blogger Sister Toldjah has a good writeup on the ruling by a California judge overturning the mandate that all high school students pass a test of basic math and English proficiency before receiving a high school diploma. The test requires “that high school graduates score at least 60 percent on a test of eighth-grade math and 10th-grade English.”

Imagine, requiring that 12th graders know 8th grade math, and 10th grade English – at a D level. How draconian.

The SF Chronicle reports this as a “victory” for the uneducated “students”:

It’s an 11th-hour upset victory for thousands of low-income students and English learners, who now expect to be able to attend commencement exercises and graduate with their classmates in just a few weeks.

Yes, because that’s what it’s all about – attending the graduation ceremony, to be handed a worthless piece of paper you can’t even read.

The story continues:

Lawyers representing students who had not passed the test sued the state on Feb. 8. The lawsuit claimed that many students have not had the opportunity to learn the material on the exit exam because they went to substandard schools with unqualified teachers, insufficient textbooks and squalid conditions.

But their answer is not to make any fundamental changes to the education system – school choice for example – but to simply hand worthless pieces of paper to kids who have not acquired even basic knowledge of math and English.

One also wonders how the many Asian and Hispanic immigrants who excel at these same “substandard” schools will feel about the judges ruling. It seems pretty insulting to them.

[Judge] Freedman wrote in his opinion that the “record is replete” with evidence of California’s underfunded schools and said his decision applies to students statewide.

Perhaps Judge Freedman ruled against the test because he can’t do 8th grade math either. The record is replete with evidence that school funding in California is high and has been growing for years. There’s no evidence schools are underfunded in California, or that students are failing because of a lack of funds. According to a report from UC Berkeley in August 2005, proposed state funding of education is

…$7,374 per student. Along with federal, local and other funds, funding in California will actually stand at over $10,000 per student…

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the state legislature are working hard to make sure California students learn to respect men who wear dresses. The liberals running California’s schools really have their priorities straight (no pun intended).

posted by: The Editors @ 10:10 am May 14, 2006

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