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Thursday - December 13, 2018

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John “Screw them”* Kerry

…But he supports the troops!

Via The Corner, it appears failed presidential candidate John Kerry has posted at the left-wing hate site “Daily Kos” (no link, we don’t link to obcenity-laced hate sites).

Just more evidence how difficult it has become to tell the unhinged lunatic fringe from the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

Also linked at The Mudville Gazette.

On a related note, Austin Bay discusses some more unhinged Kos-Kookiness here.

* For the uninitiated, the title of the post refers to the owner of The Daily Kos website, whose reaction to hearing of four of his fellow Americans being brutally murdered in Fallujah was “Screw them.”

posted by: The Editors @ 9:05 am January 21, 2006

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  1. […] We noted several days ago that Senator John Kerry had posted on left-wing hate site Daily Kos, demonstrating the increasing difficulty of distinguishing between the kook fringe and the “mainstream” of the Democratic Party. […]

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