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Sunday - March 18, 2018

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Survey finds people do choose gay behavior

One popular line from the advocates of accepting homosexual behavior is that being gay is innate, like race. How often have we heard the line, “no one chooses to be gay”? The black civil rights movement is often invoked by those arguing for same-sex marriage, etc. Historical bans on inter-racial marriage are said to be analogous to the current ban on same-sex marriage.

Increasing acceptance of homosexuals and support for same-sex marriage show the effectiveness of this appeal. But is there any truth to it? Certainly for most people their sexual identity is very deeply ingrained, but that isn’t necessarily proof that sexual orientation is genetic, like skin color or gender.

A new survey from the CDC shows that indeed sexual behavior is in many cases a matter of choice, and societal acceptance of homosexual behavior leads to more of that behavior.


More women experimenting with bisexuality

More women – particularly those in their late teens and 20s – are experimenting with bisexuality or at least feel more comfortable reporting same-sex encounters, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The survey, released Thursday by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, found that 11.5 percent of women, ages 18 to 44, said they’ve had at least one sexual experience with another woman in their lifetimes, compared with about 4 percent of women, ages 18 to 59, who said the same in a comparable survey a decade earlier.

For women in their late teens and 20s, the percentage rose to 14 percent in the more recent survey. About 6 percent of men in their teens and 20s said they’d had at least one same-sex encounter.

This is evidence that either, a) the incidence of the gay gene in women has almost tripled in the U.S. population in ten years, or b) that culture and societal values affect sexual behavior. The former is unlikely, to say the least.

If evidence like this accumulates, and serves to debunk some of the propaganda coming from liberal gay activists, it will be interesting to see if that has an effect on attitudes towards same-sex marriage and societal acceptance of gay behavior generally. There must be some subset of Americans who are accepting because they believe “people are born that way,” who will be less accepting if they conclude that it means their own kid might experiment when they go off to college.

At the very least, the American people should base their decisions about changing something as fundamental as the traditional definition of marriage on the truth, not activist group propaganda.

posted by: The Editors @ 4:35 pm September 15, 2005

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