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Sunday - March 18, 2018

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ABC News reports Saddam-Al Qaeda links

Check out this 1999 report from ABC News documenting ties between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and terrorists, including al Qaeda (video Courtesy of Media Research Center, link via Power Line).

It’s ever more clear the “no connection between Saddam and terrorism” meme from the left and the Democrats is just disingenuous propaganda. It’s more important to some to hate President Bush than to fight the war against the terrorists or to tell the truth.

Liberal-left blogger Kevin Drum ties conservative interest in the truth about Saddam’s support for terrorists to the left’s Karl Rove witch hunt. It’s always about Rove, don’t you know? And of course, he tries to pass off the very limited statements from the 9/11 Commission about the Saddam-al Qaeda links as the All-Knowing Gospel they clearly are not. Drum bemoans the fact conservatives keep bringing up Saddam’s terrorist ties, but we wouldn’t need to if liberals would stop lying about them.

You have to ask yourself, why are those on the left so compelled to deny the truth of Saddam’s terror ties? But Rove (there he is again!) was all wet when he said conservatives and liberals see the war on terror differently. Right.

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